2017 Online AMC10/12 Class

10 weeks, September-December 2017. Click here to register.

This class will help prepare students for the AMC10 and AMC12 mathematics competitions. We will cover all the main topics and techniques on the AMCs, including geometry, number theory, counting, probability, and algebra. We will also work on problem solving strategies and study skills.

Classes will consist largely of working through problems together, with theorems and concepts presented as they arise.

This class will be held online. The instructor and students will communicate through audio chat as well as an online whiteboard, and students may also be able to ask questions via text chat. (The exact software setup is TBD, but it will probably be web-based and will definitely work with both Windows and Mac.)

Suggested homework problems will be given (but not graded).

We are anticipating a small class size (probably under 10), so students will get plenty of individual attention and opportunities to ask questions.


The class will run for 90 minutes Saturday evenings at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 pm PT. The dates and rough syllabus are as follows:

9/23 Problem solving strategies
9/30 Combinatorics
10/7 Probability
10/14 Polynomials
10/21 Optimization
10/28 Sequences and series
11/4 Geometry I
11/11 Geometry II
11/18 Trig and complex numbers
12/2 Number theory

Depending on interest we may also offer an AIME class starting January 2018.


The course is taught by Sean Markan, a veteran teacher of mathematical problem solving. He is an instructor at Art of Problem Solving, an MIT alumnus, and a former MOPper, among other things. He has coached numerous students who have made it to the AIME and USAMO.


The fee for the class is $300.


In order to get an accurate picture of enrollment, we will not be able to refund your registration fee once you register. However, if there is a compelling reason why your child can no longer attend, we may at our discretion allow you to apply the amount to a future class or to one-on-one tutoring.


Click here to register. Remember to fill out the form and also send the payment.

For questions or comments, please email markan@eudelic.com.

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